How to do a Soulmate Tarot Reading. Beginners guide step by step

So you want to know, how to do a soulmate tarot reading with cards?

Welcome to Arthur de Angelis´ step by step guide and tutorial for beginners.


If you are a experienced reader you probably will benefit from the following best practice tips as well.


There are many ways to look for your kindred flame.


This soulmate tarot spread is very well disposed to accurate love readings and so you may imagine how interesting this can be when you also throw in the element of your star sign and its compatibility with others.

After all, these two ancient and spiritual disciplines have rather a lot in common.


For all twelve of the astrological signs pertaining to the lunar calendar, there will be at least three which are an almost perfect match depending on your stage in life. We use this approach in our Soulmate Psychic Readings. It is advisable to narrow down the information.


However, the reading takes into account the inflections which your tarot equivalent will effect, for each of the Major Arcana cards has a match with each of the star signs. 


A rather important point which needs explaining is how your reading will differ depending on whether the cards are drawn upright or reversed.

If you want to know how to do an accurate soulmate tarot reading then you need to know about the difference between upright and reversed cards

They really do deserve extra attention. For we notice cards when reversed even more, they seem to scream at us!

They may offer a warning but in all cases demand that you to reflect.


For example, if you fear Scorpions generally because of a past experience with their infamous ‘sting’, a reversal of the Death card may now mean that a Scorpio in love with your sign will be a lamb.


Thus, the usual definition is often flipped or ‘reversed’.


Also because the cards are upside-down, interpreting these has to be done in an ‘upside-down’ manner as was just done with the vengeful Scorpion, or Death: now, if you like, the sting has been removed from his tail.


This can also apply to your expectations not receiving a blow when a usually bold King of the Jungle suitor - Leo -  is, in fact, by drawing Strength as a reversal, now rendered a kitten on your lap.

Many seers may say that these cards take on a ‘shadow ’meaning. In other words, the message will be less optimistic and more foreboding.


Basically, it means that your reading will add a warning or even an explanation why your usually Bullish Taurean lover is more like your shadow in the face of any confrontation.

How to read the cards in a soulmate tarot reading: Astrological knowledge can be helpful

This can solve a puzzle which has been niggling away at your brain.


It is especially helpful if you are an astrology enthusiast but cannot fathom why your supposed gallant ‘match’ is hiding under the duvet at the sight of a mouse!


There is so much more to all of us than a set of dates or a shuffle of the cards.


Not really surprisingly, in our readings the most important person in your life will be reflected in the first card and that person is you.


Find out more about the best questions to ask tarot about your soulmate.


The tarot repeatedly draws your own sign as a first card of three because same-signs understand each other like no other can.


This is, therefore, your opportunity to take a deeper look into your inner self via another.


That way you not only consider your future soulmate but your relationship with yourself.


This position is deliberately designed to provide insight into your emotions and motivations as you find love.


So now you know the most important things on how to do an accurate soulmate tarot card reading.


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