Who is Leo Soulmate? Accurate Tarot Reading reveals the best matching signs for Women and Men

Who is Leo Soulmate? 

Find out now here with a very accurate Tarot Card Reading. You will learn which signs fit best and how you can live a happy life together. 


By Arthur de Angelis.

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The 3 best Soulmate for Leo are these signs ranked:

There is a fascinating correlation between Leo's tarot card: the strength card. 

tarot revealing the best soulmate for leo

It depicts a maiden gently taming a lion! Now it is interesting as in astrology, Leo rules the heart. So what happens when two lions get together? Well, sparks naturally fly.


For in the tarot, Strength symbolizes passion and desire, sometimes known as the Lust card in the Thoth deck. Lions embody primal nature, where self-expression is crucial.


There is much physical strength between two Leos but also strength of mind and spirit.

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Together you will be blessed with courage and so you easily overcome problems and obstacles.

A lion, after all, can be tamed by the right person and this combination will never be boring.


However, two lions will compete for attention, Leos need a lot of love; with another lion, you will have found someone strong enough to stand up to you.


As you two will share a grand passion and even express a certain arrogance, you simply must learn to tone it down to be compatible.

Who is a Leo Soulmate?

A second card reveals another possible soulmate-connection: Aries. They, another fire sign, are considered a perfect match.


As lovers, Aries have energy and are also wild enough to keep abreast with Leo. Lions loathe signs which passively suffer their personality.


This would be boring for the lively Leo. Thus Aries is adventurous enough to always find a way to hold a lion’s rather haughty interest.


In the tarot deck Aries is The Emperor - a masterful, natural leader and someone Leo can look up to. 

The Emperor denotes Aries' undying loyalty, standing by others no matter what.

Furthermore, Leo is self centered and so really appreciates total loyalty, appreciates it above all else.


Aries are also highly social like Leos: this couple will be a typical celebrity match! For younger Leos, this can be the right combination.

Another good Leo Soulmate Sign is Sagittarius

The third card which can form a twin-flame connection with a Leo is a Sagittarius. Drawing this card means there will be great wisdom and understanding between you.


This pairing is particularly successful for an older Leo man or woman who is now quite ready to be tamed. Sagittarius and Temperance captures the gentle process of ‘tempering’.


This is all about finding the middle ground, working together constructively to forge something (your relationship) which is clearly stronger than the sum of its parts.


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A mature Leo will appreciate this approach to love as it is more enlightened.


Also the magical creature – the Centaur – needs as much freedom as does the Lordly King of the jungle. 

The Centaur’s archery skills and his bow may pierce the often fickle heart of the lion.


And if anyone can satisfy the lion’s thirst for affection, then it is the ‘tempering’ of Sagittarian fire.

Both signs share a lot of traits such as pride, courage, impulsiveness and passion.


Whichever astrological sign or tarot card you draw, know that even the strongest bonds need constant work.


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No relationship is trouble-free, but some (and you have selected three) have the capacity for a deep and long-lasting happiness. 


Who is Leo´s soulmate? Well, this 3 signs are your best match.