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The About Us Page is presented by Dr. Arthur de Angelis.


Update: Wednesday. July 26, 2023.


This is about us. Your ultimate portal for free tarot readings, psychic readings and consultations on love issues through card reading. We are a small but dedicated team of tarot-loving enthusiasts whose commitment is to deliver unique and highly valued wisdom and insight into your life issues.


Our focus is on quality and ethical fundamentals that are often disregarded in the world of Tarot. Our primary objective is the value to our readers - this is what we focus our work on.


At the center of our team is Dr. Arthur de Angelis, a pseudonym used by our team leader to combine his love of the Tarot, Psychic Reading with his profession as a psychologist. His vast expertise and skills in explaining complex psychological concepts in an understandable and more accessible way are what make our website so unique.


Dr. de Angelis and the whole team at tarotprince.com have taken pride in providing a free service for a number of years. We understand the importance of quick, reliable advice and guidance in challenging life situations. This is why we offer a trustworthy point of contact for anyone looking for answers.


This is our Mission and Vision, following our Core Values.


About Us is About You

Our work principles are clear and straightforward: the individual rights and his or her benefits are the focus of our work.


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We see consulting with Tarot and Psychic Reading as a service to our fellow human beings and consider our role as a supporter on your path to personal clarity and better understanding. Each reading we give serves as a source of potential guidance to help you make the best informed decisions for your life.


Your can use our free service and ask a Tarot Reader any Question.


We strongly adhere to the belief that every person has the right to determine their own path. For this reason, brainwashing and manipulation are absolutely taboo for us. We do not answer manipulative questions and have zero tolerance for unethical motives.


We are pleased to welcome you to Tarotprince.com and look forward to helping you on your journey to self-discovery and more fulfilling relationships. You are always more than welcome to visit us.


Thank you for placing your trust in us and reading our "About Us" Page.


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