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What is my partner thinking on me tarot reading


The idea of what your partners ideas on you are. This is a question that comes up in many partnerships. 

There are a few ways to find out. But do you really want to know everything?


In almost every partnership there are things that bother one partner about the other. And the answer to the question can become a problem.


Consider in advance how you want to cope if you learn that he may believe you are a fool, fat or idle.

Even though the partnership is nevertheless functioning. Occasionally, an illusion is better than the reality.


Any inquiry about the matter may cause your partner to discover it and, for his part, to investigate what you believe about him.


That, too, can turn into a headache. Or do you actually want him to know everything you thought about him?


It is said that the mind is free and often you occasionally ponder a little louder about negative qualities, for instance, after an argument.


If you find out about what he thinks over you after the dispute, it is scarcely likely to be complimentary for you, even though your partner usually has a very different opinion about you.

What my partner thinks of me: Accurate Tarot Spread in-depth Reading

Monitor him, stop and listen to how he tells friends, acquaintances or family members about you. He will barely spill the beans in your company, but you can get some clues that way.


It is better, of course, if you happen to hear anything he says when he is oblivious to your attention.


But directly and consciously spying on each other is rarely a good idea. The partner will notice it sooner or later.


Notice his body language. Is he delighted when you enter a situation or does he respond in a negative way?


Is he irritated when you come in? At least this will help you draw clues and guess what he's thinking about you.


Also adoration, delight or aversion you will notice rather than hear. Who in everyday life keeps saying that they adore their partner?

What does my partner think about me Tarot Reading

At the end of the day, you can literally never be able to see his/her thoughts and so you will never be certain what your partner thinks about you.


But you can evaluate his behavior. Is he demonstrating a caring attitude? Is he respectful of your will?


Is he listening to you? When you are in need, does he stop what he is doing? All these are indications.


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