What does my partner think about me? Tarot reading Unravel the cryptic mystery of what He is thinking

"Illustration of a man and woman, reflecting the question: 'What does my partner think about me?' in a tarot reading theme."

This reading is part of our relationship tarot series.


This "What is he thinking about me tarot reading" is presented to you by Arthur de Angelis.

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Update: Aug 30, 2023

Reading Time: 4 Minutes


Dearest, when we are in a relationship, it is only natural to question, "What is he thinking about me?"


The Tarot cards can shed some light on the darkness and doubt.


I sense your desire to look into your partner's heart to truly understand his feelings for you. 

Is my relationship as deep as I think it is? Have you ever been wondering if he appreciates those peaceful moments as much as you do?


You are not the only one who likes to look deeper into your partner's mind. Because what is he honestly secretly feeling or thinking about me?


Come on, we get it - these thoughts can be both curious and frightening.


Let's explore the Tarot together and look for the insights you've wanted for a long time.

What is my partner really thinking? Tarot reading to probe the depths of his heart.

In the smooth dance of love, we often seek clarity and wonder, "How does he really feel?"


Let the Tarot help you start an reading now in the hope of revealing the subtle whispers of his heart. What is he not saying? Tarot Reading to decipher what is unsaid in our relationship.

Forgotten Feelings "What does he think about me?" - Decoding the tender revelations of the Tarot.

Darling, isn't there a soft, insistent echo in the secret corners of our hearts that keeps intoning, "What does he really think about me?"


Such kind of intimate and fragile thoughts find comfort in the caress of the Tarot.


When the Moon Embrace card decorates our spread, it is similar to a moonbeam that pierces the veil of night.


It can hint at an inward dance of emotions, feelings that resonate deeply, like a cherished sonnet spoken in a whisper between two souls.

How deep is his affection? Tarot reading to explore the landscape of his heart.

Affection is both a work of art and a mystery, painted with sighs, smiles and stolen glances.


When the Silent Wing card appears in our reading, it reminds us of whispered secrets in twilight. It asks us to come closer and listen to the quiet symphonies of his heart.


It indicates layers of feelings and tender longings just waiting to be found out.

Dive deeper: How does my partner really see me and what does he think about our relationship?

Have you ever felt like you are on the edge of understanding, just a whisper away from true clarity?


Let's unravel the feelings underpinning your love story as we go deeper.

The Tarot's view of your relationship: what is he really thinking?

Did you ever find yourself at dawn and see the world coming awake in golden hues? The Golden Horizon card has a somewhat related meaning.


When it adorns your hand, it softly asks, "Do you feel the hope, the burgeoning potential?"


This card colors a landscape of possibilities for your relationship, suggesting a journey where dreams can intertwine and grow.

Emotional indicators reflected in the tarot cards: Revealing the depth of feelings and thoughts in my relationship.

Picture yourself standing on the shore and the vastness of the ocean expands into infinity. Every wave, a feeling.


Every depth, a mystery. The card "Serenade of the Ocean" attracts you with a likewise magnetic force.


When it comes up in your reading, it delicately questions, "Are you ready to explore your partner's deep thoughts?"


Let's jointly explore these emotional waters and understand the deep currents that are shaping your relationship.

Decode the signs: What does my partner really think and feel about me and our relationship? The tarot cards look deeper into his thoughts

Many long for clarity in the middle of the complexities of love.


Do you also often wonder, "What does he think about me?" and seek guidance from the Tarot cards?


Embark on a heartfelt journey to reveal your partner's sincere feelings and thinking through a tarot card reading.


Is my relationship as deep as I think it is? Tarot cards pierce the veil of his hidden feelings and thoughts.

Have you ever felt an instant connection when looking at tarot cards?


When the card Starry Promise comes up while reading the cards, it's a gentle whisper from the universe that suggests your partner is harbouring positive thoughts about your connection.


But, my dear, always hold on to this truth: while the tarot offers insight, the most genuine feelings are reflected in the tender moments and memories you both create.

Quiet musings: What do the tarot cards reveal about my partner's hidden thoughts?

Behind the multitude of tarot cards are stories that are not told. Have you ever questioned what feelings are hiding beneath the surface?


The emergence of the card "Mirage of the Desert" could lead you closer and point to dreams and feelings that your partner is reluctant to express.


Let's tread this path sensitively and come to understand the depth and nuances of your partner's heart as seen through the lens of the Tarot.

Beyond the cards: the path to your "What does he think about me?" Tarot Reading shows you the way

With the cards having been placed and you have gathered findings, it is still important to know what you should do next.


Tarot offers a mirror to possible paths, but it is our decisions that determine the journey.

Embrace the insights: What you can do with your partner's thoughts after the tarot card reading.

  • Reflect: After pursuing the question "What is he thinking about me?" using the Tarot, take a minute to consider your feelings. How do the messages of the cards match your intuition?
  • Open up communication: Use the Tarot reading as a stepping stone for dialogue. Maybe it's time to have a open dialogue with your partner about your notices and feelings.
  • Let yourself be guided: If you think certain cards or messages are particularly profound, take a deeper plunge. If you seek the advice of a professional tarot reader or counsellor, you can gain more detailed insights.

What are his thoughts about me - Decoding with tarot and subtle clues.

Be mindful of how he talks to friends or family about you.


While he may hold back his words in your presence, you may be able to catch a glimpse of his thoughts when you are not in his sight.


Of course, eavesdropping is not ideal.


If he suspects you're prying, it could put a strain on your relationship. However, monitoring without invading privacy can provide valuable insight.


Pay attention to his body language.


Does his expression brighten when you come in, or does a dark shadow pass over his face? His reactions, whether they are joy, irritation or callousness, can give indications of his inner thoughts about you.


Remember that emotions such as admiration or dissatisfaction are often shown and not expressed.


After all, how often do people really express their deepest thoughts? Dive into our Tarot reading "What does he think about me?" to gain a deeper understanding of your partner's discernment.

A word of warning: what not to do after a Tarot reading about your partner's thoughts.

Don't jump to conclusions:


While the Tarot can deliver useful findings, it's essential that you don't base important relationship decisions on one reading alone. The cards point to likely paths, not certainties.


Obsession with a card:


If you become troubled by a particular card, consider that each tarot card has a whole spectrum of meanings. It depends on the whole reading, the setting and your intuition.


Avoid self-reflection:


while the reading may focus on the question "What does he think about me?", it is as vital to look at yourself and begin to understand your feelings, desires and fears.

Unsaid and unseen: What is my partner really thinking? Go deep with tarot card reading.

Do remember, my dear, tarot cards are guides, not absolutes. They give perspectives and energy insights, but it is the dance of two hearts that really shapes a relationship.


Therefore, please rely always on your inner voice and know that the tarot is a support on your journey, not the only navigator.


Whenever you ask yourself, "What does he think about me?" trust your inner voice.


Remember that the tarot cards are there to guide and enlighten you, but it is the intimate dance of two hearts that really shapes a relationship.