Near Future Tarot Reading on my Ex an Me

Near Future Tarot Reading on Me and My Ex

What will the near future bring for me and my ex tarot reading

The Symphony of Cards: A Near Future Tarot Reading on My Ex and Me.


When the universe whispers, we are here to listen.


Dear reader, it's Arthur de Angelis from, your guide in this mysterious realm. The cards we are about to delve into are for your entertainment and enlightenment, not to override professional wisdom.

Are You Ready to Reveal the Bubbly Essence of Your Near Future Tarot Reading on My Ex and Me?

Have you ever wondered if the cards could reflect your inner joy and tumultuous emotions? We've selected three cards from the vibrant King Arthur deck.


Dive deep into this riveting narrative and unravel the hidden layers of your story.

The Queen of Cups: She is the beacon of emotional intelligence and compassion, a symbol of your capacity to love and heal. It hints that a harmonious period is ahead, fostering reconciliation and understanding.


The Tower: Often viewed with apprehension, this card signifies tumultuous change. It might imply you're on the brink of a breakthrough, a transformation that could reshape your bond.


The World: A card symbolizing fulfillment and completion. It might be an invitation to consider the bigger picture, reminding us of the adage, "all's well that ends well."


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Are Your Hearts Still Dancing the Same Rhythm: Pessimistic or Hopeful?

Now that we have pulled the strings of 'near future tarot reading on my ex and me' let's delve into your emotions.


Perhaps, you feel a tinge of pessimism, reflecting a dance out of sync. Yet, remember, optimism can be a beacon in the storm, illuminating the path towards reconciliation.


It's a delicate balance, isn't it? Just like the two faces of a coin.

Concluding Your Near Future Tarot Reading on My Ex and Me: What Do You Feel?

Let's tie up this journey with the keyword, 'near future tarot reading on my ex and me', in a neat little bow.


Whether you feel delighted, confused, or even exhilarated, remember that every emotion is a stepping stone on your path of self-discovery. 

As Arthur de Angelis, your guide on, I must remind you that each card is a window into the possible, not the inevitable. As the old proverb goes, "we are the masters of our fate; we are the captains of our souls".


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Thank you for allowing me to walk alongside you on this path.


Remember, this 'near future tarot reading on my ex and me' is intended for your amusement and self-reflection and is not a substitute for professional advice. Safe travels on your Tarot journey!