How to sell Tarot Readings and make good money as a Reader

So you want to sell tarot readings and make money? Maybe even become a self-employed reader and make a profession out of it?


Then this article is just right for you. Here you will learn the best tips and tricks from my over 20 years of experience as a tarot card and psychic reader. 


A surprising basic statement for many is: If you want to sell tarot readings, then you always sell yourself as a person. 


What does this mean? It means that your human qualities are the focus. You can sell your service much easier if you are a good listener and if customers feel comfortable with you.


If you take their concerns seriously and clients feel that you care about them.


That is the most important thing in selling. What does that mean to you?


Develop your soft skills as a person.

You yourself are the best sales medium.


Now we come to the different business opportunities and ways to sell a tarot card reading service.


Basically, you have two options.


The first option is to apply to one of the major lines as a Tarot Reader. In other words, make a job out of it with a client.


On one of the lines you will be listed as a service provider and you will get customers if you have an attractive profile and a decent position on the list. 


Both basic requirements can be achieved through good service and accurate readings.

So you need not only expertise and tarot competence, but also perseverance and people skills if you want to sell many readings.

How to sell Tarot Readings online and make money

The second way to sell tarot card readings online is to start as a self-employed and independent Reader and Seller.

That means you have your own website or Youtube channel or you offer your service via a sales platform like Etsy or Instagram or even Facebook. 


More tips on this trending topic: How to start a thriving Tarot Business online as a self employed reader. 


In this case, it would be advisable to publish free readings and thus advertise yourself for free.


Of course, you can also place paid ads and sell your tarot readings that way.


As you can see, good planning is important. I would like to recommend you now to spend some time with your own wishes and possibilities.


Is it all realistic and achievable? Do you have the time and the stamina? Do you have the motivation to overcome setbacks?

Then dive deeper into the topic. Check out this website and get tips and tricks to sell your own tarot readings online.


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