Best Tipps on How to become a successful Tarot Card Reader online

You definitely want to know, how to become a Tarot Card Reader?


So you actually want to read the tarot cards for other people and for yourself? Then this article is just for you.


Well, many would say just take a course and learn the meaning of the cards and how a spread works.


Then learn how to interpret the spread correctly. That way you can answer a lot of people's questions and you have become a Tarot Card Reader.


Well, that's definitely true. But the steps described above are probably understandable to everyone and relatively easy to implement. But there is much more.

Do not miss it.

However, the most important and crucial point on how to become a good and successful Tarot Reader is missing

How do I become a Tarot Card Reader online

The art of cartomancy is indeed an art. And every art needs love. You have to love what you do. You have to eagerly want to learn more.


You have to want to get better, to gain more experience. And this knowledge, this experience refers to both the basic knowledge about the cards and the different methods of spreading.


But beyond that, you also need the absolute will to want to work with people. As a Tarot Reader, you encounter a lot of things from other people's lives. You have to be able to deal with it.


Also be able to process these sometimes difficult things. 


Likewise, you have to have good communication skills. That means you should also have learned professional conversation techniques. And you should also be able to listen.


Maybe you're surprised now, because we're talking about a lot of so-called soft skills here.


Yes, these are the qualities that distinguish very good tarot readers from the good and not so good ones. The people skills, the face-to-face skills. 

Please think about it for a moment. Anyone can take a course in tarot reading. Remembering the meaning of the cards is not so difficult either.


But what makes a good advisor? Correct, they must be able to listen.

They have to understand the concerns of the customer correctly to give appropriate answers.

Conclusion: To become a good tarot card reader you need:


Knowledge about the cards and the spread and its interpretation.

Soft skills in communication and empathy.

Including self-reflection.


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How to become a very good tarot card reader online: tips for card reading if you are a beginner

Now Arthur de Angelis will show you the best way to get started with tarot card reading and what tricks you should follow.


The spread can be laid and interpreted in different ways. We will explain one of the different approaches in the next few sections.


It is essential that you get an outline of the interpretations of the specific cards. You can find these on several online portals.


For beginners the threefold interpretation of the tarot cards fits best.

Please think of a question that you want the deck to answer.


This question must not be a yes/no question.


Shuffle the cards, draw three and place the three drawn cards face up next to each other from left to right.

The left card indicates your past, the center card represents the present, and the right card is the symbol of the future.

As this method of laying refers to the future direction of a situation, it is best to ask your specific question with an emphasis on the future.


An example of this is: In which way will my actual situation in the area XY evolve in the future?


Do not become resigned in case of unclear answers.

If you really want to know how to become a successful online tarot card reader, just try it with another set of questions and three new cards.