How to advertise Tarot Readings Online and succeed in getting paying and returning Customers

Here you will learn how to advertise Tarot Readings Services online. 


First of all, let's distinguish between the different ways of advertising your business.


1. advertising, which does not cost money, but still works very effectively.

2. advertising that costs money and can optimally be targeted to your audience.


In the last section we will discuss the best option for you if you are listed as a reader on one of the major lines. So if you want to advertise within a specific Line.


We will come to these two above mentioned variants of promoting your Tarot Reading Business in a moment.


Before that, a few words about the most important basic requirement for advertising to be effective.


Advertising should bring you more customers, more exposure, more orders and of course more profit. The decisive factor for this to happen is the quality of your tarot reading.

If your customers are satisfied, if you conduct the conversations well and have a high hit rate, then any advertising works optimally.


Because then you sell a "good product", that is, your service as a Tarot Reader.

Best Tips on how to successfully promote Tarot Reading Service online

How to advertise a Tarot Reading Business? Be as good as you can be. With this you make the first step and advertise for free for you and your service

Here we already come to the 1st point: how to advertise your tarot service by word of mouth.


Just be good at what you do. And talk about it.


Where and how? Here are a few suggestions on how to promote yourself and your reading business.


Start a Youtube channel and present free readings on popular topics. For example, love, day readings, angel cards. 


Talk about your tarot business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.


Network with other webmasters and offer to write articles for them.

Ask to receive a backlink. This is another way potential customers can become aware of you.

How to promote a Tarot Reading Service with paid advertising

Well, you will have already noticed that this market is very competitive. Many providers want to be seen and place paid advertisements.


This means that the prices for a click, for a website visitor, for a video viewer are relatively high.


Therefore, you should make a cost-benefit calculation in advance. What rates do I charge for a Tarot Reading Session?


More on this topic here: How to become a good and successful Tarot Reader online.


What is my total profit from a customer? How much should the advertising cost, so that I still remain in the profit zone?


You should ask yourself these and similar questions beforehand.


Where and how can I advertise my tarot card business online? And yes, we are only talking about the online version here.


We do not discuss other options here, because they are not very effective and expensive.

All the above mentioned platforms and providers offer the possibility of paid advertising. This is especially true for 

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • Etsy
  • Ebay

You see, the possibilities are vast. 


Before you get to work, you should also think carefully about which target group you want to address. Who do you want to see your ads and then click on your offer?

  • Woman or man
  • old or young
  • Which interests
  • in which states do they live
  • at what time should the advertisement run
  • etc. 

This short article should give you a few clues on how to proceed. Ask yourself more questions and define the different aspects in detail.

Select an advertising medium according to how you want to design the advertisement. Do you want text and images, or video and voice?

How to advertise yourself as a tarot reader when you are listed on a line or platform

Some overlook the option to advertise within their own Line as well. So if you work for a particular Tarot Reading Line and get clients from there, this section is for you.


This is because most lines offer their freelance readers to advertise for themselves. For example, you can book a banner for a certain period of time or be displayed in the listing further ahead.


But to be fair, the customer is shown that it is a paid listing.


Contact your Tarot Line internally to find out which opportunities you have. However, the following also applies: If you have good ratings from your customers, then the advertising will also work well.


So be as good as you can be. 

With this know how you can promote your Tarot Reading Service in the best possible way. 


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