How to ask Yes or No Questions with Tarot Cards

You definitely want an accurate Yes No Tarot reading. 


So how to ask Yes No Questions with Tarot Cards?


In order to get an accurate reading let’s see some examples for you to base your expectations on.


Here is your accurate yes or no Oracle full answer.

How to ask good Yes No Questions in a Tarot Card Reading to get accurate response


Questions to ask Tarot Cards Concerning Love:


  • Is he loyal to me?
  • Does he want me?
  • Will he come back?
  • Can I make myself more lovable?
  • Does he really love me?

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  • Has he ever had affair?
  • Does he ever think about me?
  • Is he still single?
  • Should I contact him?
  • Will I really be happy with him in the long term?
  • Do he and I have a future together?
  • Will he call me back?

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  • Will we get married?
  • Will I see him again?
  • Will we have children together?
  • Will I have children at some point?
  • Will I end up alone?
  • Will I meet my soulmate one day soon?

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Concerning luck:


Am I unlucky in love?


Will I be lucky in ……?


Will I always be haunted by bad luck?


Will I have better luck in my career?


Concerning finances:


  • Will I ever become rich?
  • Am I financially savvy?
  • Can I trust my accountant?
  • Should I start saving for my retirement now?
  • Should I make the investment for _____?
  • Is crypto currency safe?
  • Should I take more financial risks?

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Concerning work:


Am I in the wrong job?


Is my boss attracted to me? 


Will I find a different career path?


Are my colleagues jealous of me?


Will I be promoted? 


Is there another job in sight?


Are my colleagues sincere? 


Will I be successful? 


Should I follow in my parents’ footsteps?


Will my big business presentation go down well?

It is definitely true that some kinds of questions are more easily formulated for a reading. For example, you want to avoid any ambiguity in how you frame yours.


You also only want to ask what requires a monosyllabic response or if you expect more detail, you will be disappointed. 


Thus general enquiries like, “What will happen to me today?” cannot be  answered in a precise manner. Thus it is important to be able to articulate the question correctly, so try to be clear and specific to receive precise answers.

Remember, if you are confused, so will the responses be.


The above questions on how to ask tarot about yes or no will help and guide you to seek the best answers from your accurate readings.


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