Best Questions to ask Tarot Cards about Love and Relationship

Find a list of the best questions to ask in a tarot cards reading about future love. 


Hello, I am Arthur de Angelis.

Based on my many years of experience as a tarot reader, I've put together the best questions to ask the tarot deck if you want to learn about love and dating. 


Tarot is incredibly versatile and allows for many types of interactions. You can be as specific or as broad in your questioning as you wish.


The best readers here in an instant answer tarot.


They often give really accurate advice and offer their opinions based on deep wisdom and a life well-lived and shared with thousands of others.

Here is a List of the Best Questions to ask the Tarot Cards about present or future Love

  • How will I know if my feelings are unrequited?
  • How do I know that ‘he’ is the one?
  • Which part of me needs healing so that I can form a well-balanced and healthy relationship?
  • Where am I most likely to meet a partner?
  • What kind of man suits me?
  • How can I re-ignite the spark in my relationship?
  • How can I learn to let go of my ex?
  • Can I trust my intuition as I feel suspicious?
  • What are the lessons I need to learn concerning my past break-ups?
  • Is there something I need to know in my current relationship?
  • What is blocking me from finding true love?
  • Why do I think about my ex constantly?
  • Does he have deep feelings for me and how will he express this?
  • What will happen next in our partnership? 

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The truth is that:

both open-ended Tarot Questions and closed questions are useful and can extract a lot of useful information from the cards when used in combination.


Sometimes you may just need a decisive YES or NO.

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What type of good questions to ask Tarot Cards in a reading are best?

Timeframes do not translate well as the world and the universe do not conform to human concepts of time.


People live in different time zones and then there is Leap Year etc., all this makes for confusion so don’t waste your time asking ‘when’ will I fall head over heels.

A far better question would be: what should I do to attract true commitment into my life?


So, how do I ask a tarot love question?


Regarding your love-life, form an open-ended style which should begin with the five classic police interrogation words: Where, Why, How, What or Which. That will help you get the best response to your tarot heart-cards.

Best questions to ask in a Tarot Card Reading about Love

Now what to avoid when asking questions about love-life in a tarot spread is as important

Be open-minded as doubt closes you to psychic activity. You need to be honest with yourself.


Whatever your future is, it does more or less solely depend on your decisions. But Arthur de Angelis aka Tarotprince can help guide you.


So focus more on yourself and ask what ‘you’ can do rather than what he can? Have pure intentions rather than twisted, vengeful thoughts and you are far more likely to get what you want.


Prepare well for your next reading. After all, you want to ask the tarot cards the best questions about love life.


This way, the reader can show you your chances in the best possible way.