Best Tarot Questions to ask the Cards in a Reading to get accurate Response

Tarot Questions to ask in a top 7 list.


A good Reading provides accurate response by the Cards.


Now whether you are doing your own reading or having the cards read for you by a psychic tarot reader, the important point is that you need to find pertinent questions to ask.


Many people are confused about what they should ask a deck precisely (or not too precisely).


There may be many interrelated issues or one 'overwhelming burning question'. 

So, are there any types of topics which are easier to have answered? 

Best Questions to ask Tarot Cards to get accurate response in a Reading

Top Questions to ask Tarot can be about any topic. Be specific to get accurate response by the Cards

One common type of question to ask tarot cards is whether you can ask 'Yes' or 'No'.


The answer is definitely the affirmative but the response will also be a monosyllable. Presumably you wish to receive more detailed information. Thus the exact phrasing of the query is very important.


You will get detailed info on how to do this in a moment. Please read on.


People also get rather hung up about time but as a manmade concept which has different meanings depending on where you are, ‘when’ becomes rather meaningless.

So now you must be wondering just how general or targeted should they actually be. That is also connected to the controversial topic about how much you should tell your reader.


That is why online readings are so superior as no face-to-face meeting unconsciously reveals all sorts of private information that you imparted, albeit unwittingly. 


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As a tarot beginner, you can buy a set of cards and read them yourself but it just doesn't compare to a trained reader pulling them down for you.


Ultimately, the cards always show the subconscious mind: this amounts to the knowledge residing deep inside yourself.


And thus, through the deck, you both learn to know yourself better and also to empower yourself.

So what Tarot Reading Questions are best for accurate answers?

Well, 'when' questions are least useful but mostly you can ask just about anything. Don't be shy as one thing the cards do not do is judge you.

You can ask about your chances of getting a promotion, or about finding true love.


You can ask about how to change your life or whether you will attain your most heartfelt goals. People often ask the same sorts of queries.


It can be really helpful to prepare some things of self-exploration beforehand.


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That way you won't waste your reading with a jumbled, unfocused barrage of cross-fire questioning.


Plus, you need a clear mind with pure focus so that the right messages come through and so that you are receptive to comprehending their often symbolic meaning.


Think carefully about whether you want to concentrate on one of the following common areas of interest: finances, love, family dynamics, work stresses or health.

Ask yourself which of these is your priority. Which is uppermost in your mind currently? What area should I focus on most?

What are the best questions to ask in Tarot Readings?

Again, we stress that the best questions to get immediate response are limitless. Typically when people are asking about themselves these commonly crop up:

  • What am I really like as a person?
  • How do others see me?
  • Do I show the real me or am I living a lie?
  • Can I let myself go emotionally?
  • Do I have unanswered issues which are keeping me from releasing my full potential?
  • In my future, who do I want to be like?
  • Where do I see myself in 1, 2 or 5 years?
  • What negative things should I be letting go of? 
  • Is anything from my past blocking me?
  • Am I steering my life in the right direction?

Tarot card readings are enormously successful and that is why people use them worldwide, across cultures and on a daily basis.


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They are the ultimate in flexibility as you can address any topic using them.


Make use of this list of the best Tarot Questions and go on having the best free online Tarot reading of your spread possible.