Relationship Tarot Questions

Relationship Tarot Questions to ask in a Reading

What are good questions to ask tarot about relationships?


Now the following examples of how to phrase your Questions to ask Tarot for the best deck accuracy? 


The way you frame your relationship query in a spread is all important, but so, too, is the accuracy of the question itself. 


So, always be precise and specify your needs.

Have a clear mind with no raging passions e.g. jealousy or revenge, as these will distort your answers.


Now what to avoid when asking for an accurate Love Tarot Reading online is just as important. Do not ask anything using the passive voice, be direct and use the active.


What are good questions to ask Tarot Cards about relationships

Next, aim for open-ended questioning. Not something closed which will only yield a simple Yes or No response.


For a detailed quideline on what questions to ask a psychic follow here.

What are good questions to ask tarot about relationships?

  • Where do I find someone who shares my life goals?
  • What behaviors will attract my soul mate?
  • How will I know that he is ‘the one’?
  • What sort of people should I let influence me?
  • How can I find my love-twin? 
  • What should I do to draw Mr Right into my life?
  • Can I prepare myself in some way before meeting my other half?
  • Where does my soul mate hang out?
  • Are there specific steps I need to do to attract true love?
  • Are my feelings reciprocated?
  • What characteristics should I seek in a life partner?
  • Is confidence attractive when looking for love and how do I project this? 
  • How do I tell if a man is attracted to me?
  • Will I know it is real love when it arrives?
  • What’s type of partner suits me? 
  • What actions should I take to seek out my ultimate partner? 
  • What personality should I avoid in a love match?

Will I hear from my Ex again? Will he drop me a line?

  • How will I be sure that I’m ready to begin a relationship?

Check the potential of a new or future partnership.


Find a list of top 10 Questions to ask Tarot Cards about Love here.


As you already know only too well, our desire to find true partnership is all consuming.


Check your Psychic Love Tarot Spread and get accurate answers now.


The above good questions to ask tarot about relationships should go some way in helping your quest be a success. Good luck!


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The as so often the real knowledge lies within yourself.  

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