Who is thinking about me Tarot?

Who Holds Me in Their Thoughts? A Tarot Insight

You suspect that someone is always circling around you with his or her thoughts? 


The "Who is thinking about me Tarot" can take a deep look into the mystery.


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By Arthur de Angelis

Update Oct 10, 2023

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Be curious about the detailed answer. Who Holds Me in Their Thoughts? A Tarot Insight.


Before your detailed reading please mind this:


Several signs indicate that someone is also thinking on you and just can't get you out of his mind.

These are:

  • You are constantly dreaming about a particular kind of person

Actually, one of the most certain indicators that you are being remembered by someone is when you are daydreaming about that person.

It is assumed that your souls have met in the astral plane.


Such person's feelings are intense when you are experiencing dreams of this person. 


  • The sensation of being affected

The emotion of getting hugged or affected, despite the fact that no one else is around you, is certainly similar to what you are experiencing.

This is another symptom that currently someone is considering you.


The ideas of the person are powerful and intense, so that they cause a sense of body connection with you.

Sometimes humans have a very close bond with each other, that could not be described in a logical sense.

  • For no reason you have to laugh and get good vibrations

Similarly, if you begin to crack a smile or welcome positive power for no reason, it's an omen that you are being thought of at the moment by someone.


In particular, if you are just in love, it is quite possible that this occurs to you frequently and that you are solidly in the mind of the person you are in love with.

  • You have goose bumps

This could be due to the fact that at this very time you are occupying a starring role in a person's thoughts.


You are in someone's head! Thereby the ideas of this person are powerful enough to notice you physically.

Which person often remembers our time together?

Card: The Six of Cups


This card often reflects nostalgia, childhood memories, and past connections.


When it appears in this context, it suggests that someone from your past, perhaps an old friend or former flame, frequently thinks back to the moments shared between the two of you.


Their memories could be filled with both joys and sorrows, but they certainly hold on to the connection you once had.

What emotions does this person associate with me?

Card: The Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups represents empathy, emotion, and compassion, indicating that this person thinks of you with a strong sense of affection and tenderness.


They may see you as someone who is emotionally involved with their needs and feelings.


This card may also indicate that they appreciate the depth of feeling and understanding that has characterized your relationship, whether it has been a friendship, a romance, or a family bond.

Who Holds Me in Their Thoughts? A Tarot Insight

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  • Hiccups

Having hiccups is a further evidence that someone is continuously considering you. Though, what happens in this situation is that the person's ideas are nothing but nice.


It could be that someone is bitching about you or even ridiculing you.


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Therefore, it may be prudent to restrict communication with the person if you understand exactly where it may be originating from. Above all, if this behavior becomes more common.


Even if someone spoke poorly or in a derogatory manner about you, it may manifest itself physically in you.


As we all are linked to each other, you also experience it on the corporal level. Energies like this can be detected by a number of indicators. But which exactly are they?


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