Does My Crush Love Me Tarot Psychic Reading

Does My Crush Love Me? Tarot & Psychic Answers

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This Free Psychic Reading is on the question: Does my crush love me? Does he like me? Are we going to be more?


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Oh, the heartbreak and the sneak peeks. Wonder if the universe harbors the same sensations that are pounding in your chest?


Well, you are certainly not alone in this. There are many who turn to the tarot every day to find answers to the matters of the heart.


Arthur de Angelis ( has drawn for you from the famous King Arthur deck..

Update Aug 26, 2023


However, please be aware that this reading is for entertainment reasons only and is not intended to substitute for any professional guidance.

Inspired by the cards

Do the cards mirror your feelings? Let's explore. Let's delve into the realm of possibilities using the King Arthur deck. But did you consider how fickle and capricious love can be? As the saying goes, "The heart has its reasons that the mind does not know."


1. Knight of Cups: This card personifies romance and charm.


It signals that your crush may be beginning to feel the first signs of affection for you. You may have actually moved his heart in a way that you have no idea about.


2. The Empress: A symbol of nurturing and fostering growth, the Empress suggests a budding connection.


Perhaps the flower seeds of love are beginning to blossom?

3. The Seven of Wands: If you are standing your ground and overcoming obstacles, this card could indicate some challenges.


Is your crush perhaps struggling with his or her own feelings?


Dealing with the feeling of being touched.

Perhaps you have ever felt emotionally deeply affected by a simple gesture or glimpse of a moment? The feelings you are currently experiencing may be a mirror image of those moving moments.


As the old saying goes, "A heart in love hears music even when it is silent." Let these sentiments guide you, value them, and let them guide your behavior and thinking. After all, the cards are just a mirror of your soul's moodiness.



The tapestry of life is knitted with threads of innumerable emotions, and love is the most vibrant of them all.


So while a Tarot reading of "Does my crush really love me?" and the Psychic interpretation may shed some light, you should always trust your own instincts and feelings.


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If the Creator Universe has meant for your paths to cross, only time will tell how strong the connection is. Fancy on his true feelings for you?


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Does My Crush like or even love me? Psychic Tarot Reading reveals different aspects of your possible future

In the meantime, stay cheerful, hopeful, and always curious. Because, as Arthur de Angelis of often says, "Love, like tarot, is a journey, not a destination.


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Disclaimer: This tarot psychic reading about the question "Does my Crush like or love me" is for amusement only. It is not a substitute for expert advice and does not predict definitive results. Always trust your intuition and seek professional advice if you have serious concerns.


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