Psychic Crush

Crush Psychic Reading for the confused Heart

Picture showing a crush and symbolizes what a crush psychic reading could predict

Breathe deeply.

Your Crush Psychic Reading covers the following issues:

  • How to know if he is thinking about me?
  • What does he want from me?
  • How to benefit the most from this reading?
  • What additional questions could you ask?
  • What to do after the reading to have a brighter future?

Your feelings of bewilderment are valid, and many have already navigated these turbulent waters.


Arthur de Angelis, your friendly guide from, has pulled from the Rinoa Princess Psychic Deck to illuminate your path.


Remember, however, that this Psychic Crush Reading is for your entertainment only and is no substitute for professional advice.


Update: 11:48 a.m., Aug. 8, 2023

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

How to know if my Crush is thinking about me? Psychic Interpretation of your Love Reading

Do you find yourself feeling helpless because of your confusion? Are you ready to reclaim command and control of your emotions?


Let's get to the root of the matter together. From the Rinoa Princess Psychic Deck, we have drawn the Hand of Cups, the Empress, and the Tower.


The Page of Cups indicates that your crush is indeed struggling with emotional baggage. It could be feelings unresolved for an ex, or a new interest stirring in his heart. But remember that everyone's emotional ride is unique.

What does my Crush want from me? Psychic answers about his thoughts?

The Empress symbolizes a nurturing, loving energy. Does this mirror the kindness and patience of your heart toward your crush?


It could also indicate that your crush is encircled by a motherly figure, perhaps a new love partner?


The Tower card points to a sudden change. This could mean that the emotional turmoil you are currently experiencing could soon reach a peak.


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How to benefit the most from a Crush Psychic Reading

Navigating the choppy seas of an infatuation can be as exciting as it is disorienting. Sometimes you can get caught up in a web of questions and feelings.


  • Is the feeling mutual?
  • Is he seeing someone else?


All of these insecurities can cause a twister of thoughts in your head. A unique and intriguing way to gain some sanity is to do a psychic reading. Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of such an experience:


Be open-minded: Proceed with an open mind to get the most benefit from the reading.


Finally, bear in mind that the purpose is not to cement the future, but to provide you with guidance. Clairvoyance is a tool that can offer insight, but it cannot foretell the future in a definitive way.


Prepare your questions: Prior to the reading, take some time to prepare your questions.


This groundwork will usually ensure that you get the most out of your time with the psychic. Questions can be specific or general, but they should honestly reflect your feelings and concerns.

What questions and what setting is optimal to get the most accurate answers from a Psychic Crush Reading?

Be honest: Be truthful and open during your interaction with the psychic. This sincerity not only facilitates communication, but also helps the psychic give you a more specific reading.


Listen actively: during the reading, listen carefully and be present in the moment. The insights you will get may come in different forms and sometimes in ways you didn't expect.


Take notes: it may be helpful to take several jottings during or after the session. These notes can be used as a reference when you process the information later.


Reflect after reading: After reading, take some time to reflect on what you have learned. This period of reflection will allow you to digest the information and apply it in a way that is consistent for you.


What to do after your Psychic Crush Reading to have a brighter future

Act on the clues, not on the predictions: use the clues from the Reading to influence your actions, rather than treating them as predictions set in stone. Remember that you do always have the free will to make your own decisions.


Ever wished for a sign, just a nudge in the right direction? Sometimes, the universe listens. Seeking clarity? Don't hesitate to ask for a free psychic reading online now.


Stay positive: Finally, try to stay positive. An interpretation may not always bring about the news you would like to hear, but it is important that you remain optimistic and open to the possibilities that lie ahead. After all, life is full of surprises!


Remember that a psychic is a tool to gain outlook and clarity on your crush. It is not a definitive guide to your future. Always trust your intuition and judgment when embarking on the exhilarating journey of an infatuation.

What a Crush Psychic Reading could reveal - and what it can´t

Isn't it weird how emotions can send us into a whirlwind of confusion? You feel lost, unsure of your crush's feelings.


You find yourself in a maze with no clear path. But take a moment to honor the journey, the learnings you've had along this winding path. It is these lessons learned that shape us, that make us stronger.

Are you steering through the high seas of infatuation confusion? A psychic love reading could be your compass!


They're not a crystal ball, but think of them as the GPS of your love life, indicating possible routes based on the current traffic - or energy - in your situation.


But remember, psychics are like those pesky GPS routes - they give clues, not predictions. So your heart is still in the driver's seat. Take the exit (or not) at your discretion, not just because your psychic GPS suggests it.


Keep your mind and heart clear, even if the Reading throws unexpected stumbling blocks in your path. It could be a sign to slow down and enjoy the scenic route, the excitement, the anticipation and even the confusion.


Because let's face it, that's what makes the road trip of love incomparable! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Dealing with perplexity can be quite a challenge, can't it? Let's take the wisdom of the centuries to help us: "This too shall pass."


The emotional confusion you are experiencing is temporary and will eventually lead to greater clarity. Meanwhile, after your Psychic Crush Reading, why not try a daily tarot reading from to keep your spirits up.