How to prepare yourself for a Tarot Reading

How to prepare yourself for a Tarot Reading

The following tips by apply to you if you want to prepare for getting and receiving a free online Tarot Reading.


If you are a Tarot Reader yourself, then read the following tips carefully and use them as hints and advice for your clients. 


You will benefit greatly from reading the following info. 


Tarot-card readings are not always what you think! Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and welcome to the 21st century!


So you really do need to forget the corny clichéd crystal balls, or even Gypsy Rose-Lee headscarves, or what some call supernatural powers.


It is best to form no preconceived notions whatsoever. 


For so-called fortune-telling has just come into its own again and within the modern framework of the internet.

Best tipps for preparation before getting a tarot card reading

You need to consider it less about mystical prediction and ever impending gloom, and, instead, more like a mindful way of reaching inside ‘yourself’. Who doesn’t want to have more self-awareness, right?


Now divination and psychic reading with tarot cards does work but all readers agree that prepping is a must.


Therefore, we advise you to prepare thoroughly for a psychic reading with tarot. Think about what you want to ask. The more you know, the more accurate will be the interpretation. A complete guide on how to ask the best questions to ask a psychic can be found here.  


Before we come to the very important mental preparation of your reading of the Tarot Spread, there are some important principles to mention.


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Make sure you have enough time for the session. When you are time-stressed, you miss the best part. And often that lies in the details.


Make sure you have a distraction-free environment when you make a direct phone call. A chat reading can also take place on public transportation, etc.


Clear your head enough to formulate a burning question. More on this in a moment.

And one more thing beforehand: if you follow these tips for proper preparation for an instant answer Tarot Reading then you can take a big step towards more happiness and clarity.

The best Tips on how to optimally prepare yourself to get accurate answers to your burning questions about love and relationships in a Tarot Card Reading

First you need to bond with the reader’s words. No one will ever practice in the same way.


But online this is even more important than face-to-face, traditional methods which are, quite frankly, now considered of minor importance.


Personal conversation is also possible via calling out for a cheap phone psychic and online daily tarot card reading!


Online readings are even more conducive to real psychic channelling where you just sit in silence - and that’s okay – and focus your mind on your ‘problem’ or questions.


Here the card’s symbolism will ‘speak’ its truth regardless of external distracting details.


The card is King here! It will determine the message.

Now if you log on with a host of very targeted, open-ended questions, the one card Tarot Spread may or may not be able to answer these.

How to prepare yourself for a Tarot Card Reading: Part 2

As you undoubtedly know already, ‘Yes-No-Questions’ can block the flow of your message which will automatically and mysteriously form in its own way. 


But this type of question is also possible.

Check it out in our Yes No Tarot here. 


Arthur de Angelis (aka Tarotprince) recommends instead coming to the reading ready to be surprised, and, ready, most importantly, to listen. With a question it’s far more restrictive. 


If you must ask one, then let it begin with a ‘what’ or ‘how’. For example, if you ask: ‘Will I get married soon?’ remember that time and tarot do not go well together.


This is because time is a manmade concept and is subjective and different around the globe and it is constantly changing. 


Now the way to make the same question open-ended is to change it to this: ‘What must I learn and understand better to engage in a happy marriage sooner rather than later and rather than never?’


This approach certainly creates a better starting point for the card to respond.


Especially when asking Tarot Astrology Cards. Find them here.

How to prepare for an accurate Tarot Card Reading: Follow the Spread mentally and be open minded

If you don’t like the reading, let’s say, remember that no cards really have any power over your actions unless you want them to. You are always in control.


You might want to have a look at our beginners tutorial on how to start reading the tarot cards.


The cards offer good advice for that critical moment. They are a sort of ‘time-stamp’ of what sort of energy is around you at any given moment.


You, though, can change these set of circumstances with one action. You have agency over your own life, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. In short, you alone have the ability to adapt the future. 


Great readings (like an Astrology Love Tarot Reading with accurate interpretation of the Spread) help you realize your own power and uniqueness.

So often ‘you’ are here to really confirm what you deep down may already know.


As you can see, good preparation is one of the most important keys to accurate in-depth tarot reading with cards. 


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