Are Tarot Cards a Sin

An interesting question: Is Tarot Card Reading a Sin? This is simple: the answer from the Tarotprince point of view is a simple NO!


‘Sin’ is such a powerful and Biblical word and certainly not appropriate to describe tarot readings, even if negatively.


If any form of spiritualism separates you from God, then you are not practicing either system of cartomancy or psychic tarot reading right.


So is Tarot Card Reading a sin? There are so many wrong things happening around the globe today – war and widespread corruption to name a few.


These psychic tarot cards provide many people with comfort, with a daily or a weekly routine. It becomes a framework for their decision-making, and it is an ancient, complex art which connects people to the past. How can that be sinful?


Oh, let’s not forget the main point that a tarot reading is also fun! To ignore the entertainment aspect would be doing a disservice to this very old ‘game’ of cartomancy.


However, we also know that the tarot reader, like any form of psychic ‘helper’, can track down lost souls and those evil persons responsible. How then can this be sinful?

Are Tarot Cards a Sin?

Some people truly believe that God communicates in many forms; one method could be through the Tarot.


After all, these readings often provide warnings and are a really useful way of assessing a particularly difficult scenario and determining what to do next.


Thus it depends on our intentions in using the Tarot, if you are seeking comfort, guidance or simply having fun, that is not a sin at all.

There are a lot of manmade rules which change over time.


Nothing can separate you of being a child of God and living a good life in his presence. Use your own inner moral code as your yardstick.


The daily use of tarot is gaining in popularity due to an increasingly pessimistic and aggressive sentiment; in fact, the cards are valued as a regular source of guidance aiding people through life.


So, yes, you can use the tarot without any guilt.

But there is one important thing so that it does not become an offense against your own human responsibility. 

Is Tarot a Sin

Is Tarot Card Reading a Sin? Please read on and find some more answers

However, please also note the following important point. Do not depend on the statements of the tarot cards.


Use your own mind and listen to your inner voice. The cartomancy does not force fate and does not want to teach you fear.


It is a tool to come more into your own center. So do not depend on a daily spread. 


No psychic tarot reader ever wishes to harm you, and the cards of the minor and major arcana can help avoid danger and repeat old mistakes or miss great opportunities. In fact, many readers have deeply religious backgrounds.


They use their gift to become guides, not exactly divine, but they are spiritual beings whose aim is pure in trying to answer our myriad of questions.

Is Tarot a Sin? Is it bad to use this method of cartomancy?

Humans are made to question everything. In this way, we are always seeking something.


This was true of Medieval Card Readers who, in fact, invented the game of Tarocchi meaning to triumph over the unknowable. Therefore, the tarot cards were using religious imagery i.e. Saint Barbara for the Tower and Saint Catherine for the Wheel. 


Their symbolism, it is now clear, has a medieval basis and these images were to separate Tarot from the sinful practices of gambling and gaming.


Thus, once again, basically it is not a sin to enjoy this traditional method of divination using the Tarot Cards.


But remember that it must not become an addiction. You are responsible for your own life. So use the spreads as a decision-making aid and as a guide. You have to walk the path of life yourself.


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