Can you predict Death with Tarot Cards

Can someone predict death with a Tarot Card Spread

You want to know if you can predict death with Tarot Cards?

Can a Tarot Reading predict dying? 


Here you will learn what is really the story behind the Tarot card "Death" and its meaning. Does it predict a death? Can you ask the cards if and when a person will die? 


Some topics are beyond the realm of prediction which is where we enter the realm of miracles, medical mysteries, luck, accidents etc. This is as it should be.


After all, why would you need to know about your own or another’s supposed demise or death? Be careful what you wish for, this supposed knowledge could ruin your peace of mind.


Your goal should be focused on the here and now - the present - because it really is all we have.


Anything else is just chasing shadows and this really robs you of precious time which we all know will one day run out. One day…


Now many psychics and tarot experts claim many things around the issue of dying and death but it can be a terribly cruel ‘game’, even though no malice is intended.

Many people have been told that a loved one would die on such a such a date in such and such a way yet an undetected shift in destiny and a re-alignment of the stars has made this prediction null and void.

Can you predict death with Tarot Card Readings? The real problem is that ‘you’, the querent, don’t know that and prepare for the worst

This is why certain subjects are best left off limits. The future is not set in stone: it is constantly shifting and is both knowable and unknowable, readable and unreadable.


Certain topics are more suited for a successful interpretation, partly because they move slowly by their essence and, therefore, it will be easier to foretell their outcome. 


Death has always played sinister tricks and a macabre dance with us mere mortals. Look at your tarot card’s image.


Here you can see a seemingly healthy young woman being ‘courted’ by Death as he is often depicted as a sly, clinging lover.


The rose is the classical reference to the personification of ‘him’ as a lover. Why a male? Possibly because historically so many women died in childbirth. 


Now for a quick reading of this Tarot Card of Death.

It is hard to tell but her body language suggests that she keeps her secrets of mortality locked up deep inside her as she hugs herself in this protective pose.


She is simultaneously challenging ‘him’ by leaning into the skeleton figure so closely and also repelling his advances by wrapping her arms about herself in a guarded manner.

We can see that she, if ‘you’, is vulnerable in her bare stockinged feet. By wearing all black, this reminds us of funerals.


Based on where she is hugging or holding herself, this could be suggestive of stomach problems, heart ailments or breast health. She should have her whole life in front of her but will she?


Or is her doom already set to die young, cut off in her prime? Or is she indicating another loved one’s terminal condition and here she wears black as she is in mourning?


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There is a certain anger and defiance in her pose which is also a very natural phase of grieving for someone.


The tarot card about death is a warning not to tempt fate by acting recklessly no matter how lost you may feel at times.


Things will and always do get better and one day a heavy burden will have disappeared, or a deep gloom will have cleared and you will smile again, wake up, smell the roses, stretch and decide to re-join the dance of life.


A good Tarot Card Reading is more concerned with the living and with love and self-growth.


Even a tarot card depicting so-called ‘Death’ is often a message about the end of a phase which was strangling or depressing your spirits: a rebirth of the love energy if you will.


Can you predict death with Tarot Cards?

So rejoice and embrace this wonderful gift of life and love!


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