Soulmate Questions and Psychic Reading Answers

Soulmate Scoop! ūüĆü Your Questions, My Psychic Tarot Reading Reveals the Answers!

Welcome to your Psychic Reading about your Soulmate. I am Arthur de Angelis and I am here to answer your question.


Updated Oct 31, 2023


This is the collection of actual and personal Psychic Readings that I do for you, my dear readers on an ongoing basis. Free of charge of course.


If you see this page, you probably received an email from me. Scroll down and look for the number of your personal Psychic Soulmate Reading. I wish you the insights that will make you and your Soulmate happier.


Please note: These Psychic Soulmate answers are an entertaining art and not a science. 

Your Question: What is the Name of my Soulmate? My Psychic Answer

This section is about the name of your soulmate. Please search for the corresponding number to get to your personal reading.


Even though the question is always the same, the answer is always different. Just personal. 


For each answer I proceed as follows: I read your question and absorb the energy behind it. After a short meditation I write my inspiration. This is how the Psychic Reading comes about. It can be very short or longer. I write down what I receive. Nothing more. 

Reading 1 - Whats my soulmate name?


This name has a magnificent sound. Not for all ears, but for yours. When you hear it, you will recognize it immediately. Your soulmate's name seems very short, but catchy. Maybe it starts with an A or an E. It sounds very beautiful. 


The name has a gorgeous sound, like the melody of an old song. It may not suit all, but it is unique to you.


Once you hear it, it will immediately catch your ear. In the midst of a crowd, this name would stand out. Your soulmate's name would appear concise yet memorable.


It could start also with an M or an F and sound with an elegance all its own. It is truly melodious and unique.

Your Question: Is He My Soulmate? Your Reading here

Reading 2: My ex-boyfriend and I separated.. I long for who he was initially. Is he my soulmate? Will he return and change? Or am I destined for someone else?


As I thank you for placing your trust in me, I am happy to share my insights with you.


First, I would like to just remind you that although I can share my spiritual insights with you, at the end of the day, the choices and paths you take are in to your hands. Our own intuitiveness and personal accountability are powerful tools in our life's path.


Your connection to your Leo ex-boyfriend is profound and complex, and I sense the intensity and honesty of your emotions.


As for destiny, life often has a remarkable way of matching us with the experiences and people needed for our highest good at just the right time.


In the coming weeks, the energies seem especially conducive to clarification and insight in your situation. Use this moment to go within, reflect and perhaps even receive an answer from the Universe.


Regardless of being your soul mate or if another path is meant for you, remember that life in its endless wisdom keeps the best for us all the time.


No matter which path opens up for you, rest assured that it will lead to growth, love and eventually your highest good.


With love and light,

Arthur de Angelis as your Psychic Reader

When will I meet my Soulmate? Tarot Psychic Reading and in-depth Answer to your Question.

Reading 3: Which month will I meet my Soulmate?


Short psychic answer:

The Wheel of Fortune alludes to the unforeseeability of timing in life. It doesn't define an exact month, but it reminds you that fate and destiny are at play.


Be receptive to the surprises of the universe; your soulmate may come when the wheel turns favorably and you least suspect it. Stay attuned to the rhythms of life.

Will I ever meet and find my Soulmate? Individual Reading of the Psychic Tarot Cards for you

Reading 4: Will I ever find my Soulmate? And if yes, where?


"I long to know if I will ever find that deep connection, that elusive soulmate, and if so, where might fate foresee our paths crossing?"


Your Card Drawn for You by Arthur de Angelis: "The Impossible Comes True" from the Babylonian Psychic Deck.


Tarot interpretation, especially for your request and tailored to your situation


Congratulations, the card "The Impossible Comes True" - it is such a powerful indicator that the seemingly unattainable can become reality.


At least from the current point of view. But keep in mind for further interpretation: the future emerges with every decision we make. always new.


Therefore, a tip in advance: Align yourself with your goals, try to outshine the doubts with the light of hope.


Now, what else is in the psychic interpretation of your card for you? In this online tarot reading, I can very much relate to the aspirations of your heart and understand the gravity of your question.


This card suggests that what you are seeking is not only possible, but could be getting closer, even if it seems far away or out of reach right now.


The card suggests that your search for a soulmate, the deep connection you long for, is supported by the energy of your desire.


Perhaps it would be beneficial to put more energy into this desire. Without pressure, in joyful anticipation, with a smile on your lips.



The Universe recognizes your patience and desire, and the unexpected will be able to manifest as soon as you and the plan of your life are ready.


As for the "where", this card points to an environment or circumstance that you may least expect; after all, the impossible could come true. Specifically, this could mean: Keep your eyes open, though try to stay in reality, without obsessive watching and anxious hoping.


Just take the pressure off.


Reflect on this, "When dreams are given room to breathe, the impossible often finds its way." Trust the travel, cherish your feelings, and remain receptive to the wondrous unpredictability of life.


Your soulmate may be closer than you think.