Am I Cursed? Psychic Psychologist Arthur on What to Do Now

Am I Cursed? From Feeling Cursed to Finding Clarity and Empowerment: Esoteric Insights and Psychological Solutions to Feel Free Again

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Updated Oct 29, 2023


Preface: Who is Dr. Arthur de Angelis and why should you listen to his words on your question: Am I cursed?


Arthur de Angelis, with a doctorate in scientific psychology, underwent a transformative journey.


From a structured academic world, he delved into the mystical realm at Arthur Findlay College, exploring clairvoyance and Psychic Mediumship.


Marrying psychology with tarot and newfound insights, Arthur offers a unique and holistic approach to understanding life's enigmas. Especially his Free Psychic Readings are a very special service online.

Skeptic Journalist (SJ): Greetings, Mr. de Angelis. Your unique blend of esoteric beliefs and psychology is intriguing. What's your perspective on the concept of curses?


Arthur de Angelis (ADA): Thank you for the introduction. In my view, curses have their place in many cultures and histories worldwide, hinting at some underlying truth. Yet, from a psychological lens, it's noticeable how many individuals are quick to attribute their struggles to external "curses" rather than diving deep into internal or relational issues.


SJ: Why the tendency towards supernatural explanations?


ADA: Throughout history, humans have sought explanations that lend meaning to the inexplicable. Assigning blame to an external force or a curse is sometimes more comfortable than confronting personal or relational problems head-on.


SJ: So, when someone believes they're cursed, how do you distinguish between a potential spiritual interference and personal psychological issues?


ADA: This is the crux of my work. When someone approaches me with such concerns, I adopt a holistic methodology. I assess their emotional well-being, their relationships, and their personal beliefs. Occasionally, there are signs pointing towards external, possibly esoteric, influences. But often, the underlying causes lie in their personal histories or relational dynamics.


SJ: What advice would you offer to someone convinced of a curse?


ADA: Always validate your feelings first. Regardless of whether a curse is real or perceived, the emotions are very real. It's crucial to engage with a psychologist to unpack potential internal or relational issues. If you still feel a spiritual weight, consult a trusted expert in the esoteric realm.


Am i Cursed? What to do now. Expert Advice and Tips from Dr. Arthur de Angelis

SJ: Dr. de Angelis, when someone approaches you with the conviction that they are cursed, how do you initially respond?


ADA: My first response is always compassion. Regardless of the root cause, feeling cursed is a profound emotional burden. I recommend a combination of esoteric practices and psychological tools to address the situation holistically.


SJ: Let's dive into the esoteric realm first. What are some immediate practices one can adopt?


ADA: One of the most potent tools is incense burning. Specific ones like sage, frankincense, and palo santo are known to purify and cleanse negative energies. Meditating, especially guided ones focusing on protection and energy cleansing, can be quite effective. Also, everyone has a guardian angel or spirit guide. Regularly connecting and asking for their assistance can work wonders.


SJ: And on the psychological side?


ADA: Start by reflecting on the origin of this belief. Is it an outcome of specific events or perhaps a manifestation of internal struggles like guilt or fear? Journaling is an effective way to explore these feelings. Therapy is another route, offering professional insights and coping mechanisms.


SJ: Lifestyle changes can also play a role, correct?


ADA: Definitely. The spaces we inhabit can mirror our inner turmoil. Begin with decluttering your home. Clean surroundings can translate to a clearer mind. Regularly immerse yourself in nature. The grounding effect of the earth is therapeutic. And let's not forget the basics: a balanced diet and consistent sleep pattern. Stability in routines offers a counter to chaotic feelings.


SJ: Returning to the esoteric, any other practices or rituals you'd suggest?


ADA: Certainly. Water is a natural purifier. Taking salt baths or even imagining a waterfall of light washing over you during meditation can be cleansing. Another practice is the use of protective crystals like black tourmaline or amethyst. Holding them, wearing them, or placing them in your living space can provide a shield against negative energies.


SJ: In conclusion, ADA, if one genuinely believes they're cursed, what's the first thing they should do?


ADA: Reach out. Whether to professionals like me, trusted friends, or family. Remember, isolation can amplify negative feelings. It's a combination of inner work and external support that leads one from the constraining belief of being cursed to the empowering realization of liberation.

Why is it important to have a high level of personal energy in this situation?

SJ: Mr de Angelis, many people who believe they are cursed report a constant feeling of exhaustion and a low energy level.


Can you explain why the personal energy level plays such a central role in such situations?


ADA: Of course. When someone has the feeling of being cursed, one's own energy plays a crucial role in how one perceives and copes with this stress.


A high energy level can act as a protective shield that makes us more resistant to negative influences. In contrast, a low energy level can make us more vulnerable to such feelings and to the belief that we are actually cursed.


I would recommend having a Personal Energy Psychic Reading in such cases.


So it is of utmost importance to pay attention to our energy levels and find ways to strengthen and maintain them, especially when confronted with such profound beliefs.


Also important: more benefits of a Psychic Reading.

What about Free Curse Removal Services Online?

SJ: There's a digital maze of "curse removal" services online. Thoughts?


ADA: Proceed with caution. The online realm offers both information and misinformation in equal measure. If you're considering spiritual remedies, always opt for genuine, vetted experts. Authentic help, whether psychological or spiritual, can make all the difference.


SJ: A final takeaway for our audience?


ADA: Stay open yet grounded. While there's room for the mysterious and the esoteric in life, many answers lie in understanding our own psyche and the intricacies of our relationships.


SJ: A thought-provoking viewpoint. Thank you, Dr. de Angelis.


ADA: It was a pleasure. Wishing everyone clarity and insight.


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