Why he rejected me Psychic Reading

Why He rejected Me: A Psychic Insight into matters of the heart

Tarot and Psychic Reading on Rejection symbolized by 2 blurred hearts

This Free Psychic Reading on: Why He rejected me is by Arthur de Angelis.

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Update Sept 24, 2023


Why wasn't I his choice? Rejection hurts. I am feeling with you.


Life often tosses stones in our path that we may not be ready for, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


Feeling rebuffed, especially by someone you care deeply about, can leave an awkward taste of overwhelming sadness.


Why did he turn me away?

This Psychic Reading based on Tarot Cards wants to give you some hints on your burning question.


In your situation, the distinct taste in your mouth that you experienced could be a manifestation of your deep emotions and attachment to the event. Sometimes our bodies respond in mysterious ways, reflecting our deepest feelings.


It seems, from the energies I perceive, that the young man is caught up in the swirl of youthful desire for freedom and exploration.


It is not so much about you, but about his own journey. We all go our own way and sometimes he needs a little solitude to discover himself. His choice could be because he appreciates the independence and the experiences that come with it, even if they are short-lived.

Why did he turn me away? Hints from Your Free Psychic Reading to understand the Reasons. Is it because of you or what is going on with Him?

And dear soul, always know that his actions are not a reflection of your worth. The universe has a plan, and even if we don't see it straight away, every rejection, tear and doubt guides us to a better tomorrow.


As for the weird taste in your mouth, think of it as a poignant reminder of the connection we have to our feelings. Just as aromas remind us of memories, this taste could be your body's way of dealing with the emotions associated with feeling rejected. In time, as you heal and progress, this feeling may subside.

Psychic Answers on your Question: What made him push me aside?

Finally, trust the universe and yourself. Every kind of experience, no matter how painful, teaches us something and helps us grow.


Believe that your heart's journey will find its way to the love and cherishing it deserves.


In the amazing and ongoing story of life, each thread, regardless of how tangled, contributes to a beautiful masterpiece. Keep your heart open and always think: after the rain, there is always a rainbow. 🌈❤️🌟


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