My Twin Flame has passed away. What to do and how to live on?

My Twin Flame has passed away. How do I deal with this, what can I do to continue living well and happily? Could I really believe this feels possible or even right?

The dead of a Twin Flame represented by candles

By Arthur de Angelis.


Dearest soul,


First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences for your loss. The connection between twin flames is unlike any other connection; it is ethereal and transcends the physical world. I feel the weight of your heart and the questions you carry deep within.


But at the same time i want to tell you that your situation is deeply human. a state where we all come closer together. i feel for you and am close to you in your questions. let me try to give you an answer. admittedly personal and meant only as a suggestion. i hope this suits you. 


As I tune into the energies around this situation, I feel a whirlwind of emotions - uncertainty, hesitation and a strong pull of protection.


Your twin flame, even in his last days, had a keen sense of his surroundings, the way a gentle breeze senses every leaf it caresses.


The distaste he showed for his temporary home does not seem to have arisen from drama, but rather from intuition. It is as if he perceived energies or vibrations that did not agree with his spirit.

The Death of my Twin Flame makes me desperately miserable. What should i do now? How can i explain all this to myself?

Perhaps it was also a kind of overload. We sometimes observe this in souls who have been over there more than they have been here. Do you understand what I mean? I think you can understand this split. 


As for messages from the afterlife, remember that those who transition often communicate in subtle and profound ways. It does not always have to be a direct message or a clear sign. Instead, it can be gentle nudges, dreams, sudden inspirations or even fleeting memories. 


I would also like to remind you that our loved ones in the afterlife may not be able to make direct contact immediately and even some time after they have passed on.


Simply because it is too strenuous for them to bridge the vibrations. Also because you may have too much to do at the moment to take care of us. 


I have a feeling he wants to remind you of your strength, your resilience and the enduring bond you both share. His main message may not be directly about the house or what he has avoided, but rather that you are protected, loved and guided.

Even if my Twin Flame has passed away and is in the other world: we remain connected for eternity.

Often our loved ones in the other world do not value material values here on our 3D plane as much, and no longer take them as seriously as we do. 


When you sense his presence or unusual occurrences, try to sit quietly, breathe deeply and open your heart to any intuitive messages that reach you. Keep a diary to record any feelings, dreams or insights. Over time, the pieces will come together to give a clearer picture of his guidance from beyond.


Your journey together as twin flames continues, even though it has changed realms. The worlds you both live in now are connected, just a blink of an eye away. We are close, even beyond the seemingly insurmountable.


Trust in your bond, in the signs and above all in the love that binds you both forever. Stay radiant and let love guide you through this profound journey.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to contact me here. 


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