Financial Tarot Spread

Financial Tarot Spread: Unfolding the Mystical Path to Monetary Insight - a free Reading by Psychic Arthur de Angelis

Coins symbolizing the reading of financial tarot

Immerse yourself in the silent world of financial tarot spread where the deck of golden and blue roses tenderly reveals the secrets of any potential future fortunes.


Disclaimers: Always think of tarot readings as a form of gentle introspection. They are not definitive financial advice, but rather a possible avenue for reflection.


By Arthur de Angelis.

Update Aug 22, 2023


In this Tarot Reading you will receive clues on several levels. Because money and finances are the visible effects of esoteric energies. Learn to deal with them and you will also personally feel joy. 

What is the appeal of a financial tarot spread?

In the quiet of the night, many people ponder their financial path, longing for clarity amidst uncertainty.


The financial tarot reading, with its puzzling magnetism, can be a reassuring hug, a gentle flare in the search for financial insight.


While the reasons for wanting such advice vary, they frequently have to do with an innate desire for clarity of meaning, rumination, and perhaps a little glimpse into the future.

What secrets whispers the deck of the Golden Roses of Blue?

For this tarot reading on questions about finances, Arthur de Angelis uses his reliable Deck of Golden Roses of the Blue. 


The deck of Golden Roses of Blue, shimmering in heavenly colors, seems to have an encapturing aura.


Each card, a lyrical tale, whispers of dreams, possible outcomes and tender admonitions. It's as if the roses bathed in starlight hold heavenly secrets awaiting the right time to be revealed.


Spending time with this deck feels like traversing a dream interwoven with fate and free will.

What cards have come up in our Financial Tarot Reading?

Let's meekly pick from the deck of gold and blue roses and find out what they might tell us about our financial journey:


The Silvered Petal:


This card, with its glimmering brilliance, could perhaps allude to past financial resolutions, to the moments when hope illuminated choices. It could relate to seized odds, prudence and optimism going hand in hand.


The blue thorn:


this card could allude to the current financial situation. It is as if it points to circumstances of facing challenges as well as the vigor to overcome them.


The thorn symbolizes hurdles, but also the promise of roses of opportunity flourishing nearby.

The gilded bud:


a symbol of what the future may bring. This card could suggest the sprouting of new financial opportunities or ventures.


It points to growth, having potentials waiting on the horizon, and hoarding treasures that can be lifted with care and forbearance.


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In conclusion, what insights does the Financial Tarot offer?

Our exploration of the financial tarot lore reveals an area where economic matters intersect with spiritual wisdom and personal reflections. With the help of a Money Psychic you could even expand the benefits gained from this exploration. 


This dream of life and desires, especially through the deck of blue roses, can bring not only monetary outlooks, but also soulful conclusions.


Once the best tarot cards for money fade into the background, remember that while they contain clues and guidance, the true core of your financial situation lies in your hands.


Each decision, each path staked out with the Financial Tarot Spread, is just one chapter in your ever-unfolding narrative.


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