Does My Ex still Love Me? Tarot Exploration with the Pyramid Magic Deck

Does My Ex still Love Me? Tarot Insights and Uplifting Message

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Is My Ex Still in Love with Me? Diving Deep into Their Heart.


By Arthur de Angelis

Does my ex still love me Tarot Update Aug 31, 2023

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When we part ways with someone special, our thoughts are often clouded by lingering questions.


One of these is: "Does my ex still have feelings for me?"


The Pyramid Magic Deck offers valuable answers that help us understand the truths that lie in the depths of your ex's heart.


Is he or she still holding on to the love you both once shared? Or have they changed and moved on from the past?

What Emotions Does My Ex Currently Harbor for Me? What does this Tarot Card reading reveal?

Love Tarot Card: The shining beacon


In the enchanting sparkle of once-connected times, the Beacon card unfolds its luminosity, casting a tapestry of hope, wisdom, and a unique warmth that feels almost familiar.


Though the dark shadow of parting weighs heavy, there is an indomitable spark - perhaps an ember of undying love - that glows with unwavering intensity and pulses deep within your ex's heart.


Could this be possible?


Those intimate bonds forged in the crucible of earlier years, untouched by the sands of time, continue to work, luring and stirring in the depths of their feelings? It seems that the story of your shared history is not yet complete; perhaps there is more of this story.


What factors influence my ex's affection for me now? Is he still in love with me? Tarot Reading reveals secret feeling

Tarot Card: The gentle stream


Like a peaceful spring stream meandering through a tranquil forest, the Gentle Stream card reflects feelings that are pure, unforced, and genuine.


These are not fleeting feelings, but come from a deep reservoir of shared experiences, moments and insights.


The story you lived through may still be flowing through his heart, reminding him of the authentic connection you once cherished.


Perhaps you are afraid that your ex is already in a new partnership. Does he have another lover again?


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Haven't spoken for months. I am still very much in love with him. Does my Ex feel the same way? What do the Tarot Cards reveal about this?

I intentionally shuffle the deck and pull two cards, concentrating on your question and the energy encircling it.


Card 1: The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card of reciprocal affection and deep emotional connection.


It signifies partnerships and unions. If you see this card, it may mean that there could still be a bond or connection between the two of you.


Think about it, even if you are physically or emotionally apart, at times the feelings don't just go away.


Card 2: The Star

The card The Star symbolises hope, inspiration and serenity.


This card may suggest that there could still be hope for the relationship, and even if things don't turn out exactly as you might wish in your fondest dreams, it can contribute to your highest good perhaps.


The star influences you to try to remain optimistic and trust that the Universe has a definite plan for you.




According to these tarot cards and the corresponding reading, it could possibly be that your ex still has feelings for you or has a spiritual connection with you.


It could mean that he is thinking about her and the good times he had with you. But it could also be that he is struggling with himself and is not sure what to do. 


Your thoughts seem to be very much about him. Keep in mind, however, that it's also important to focus on your well-being and make sure you're not holding on to past pain.


If there is any chance of reconciliation, let it come naturally. If not, know that the universe has other beautiful plans for you.

What does the future hold for my ex's affections? Does he still feel love for me?

Card: The Dawn's Promise


The Dawn's Promise card embodies new horizons, new hopes and the chance for rejuvenation. It represents the possibility of a better future beyond doubt and despair.


Could there be a way to reconcile, understand and rekindle?


Perhaps your ex's feelings are not only tied to the past time, but they lead to a hopeful and loving future.

In the tension between love, understanding and memories, the tarot cards offer us a mirror with which to look deeply into hidden and open feelings.


Remember that love has a special way of writing its stories, and each chapter, no matter how painful or joyful, is meaningful. Does my ex still love me?


Our free tarot and the interpretation of the cards will show you tendencies and ways. You have to go yourself. Go on your way.