Do Soulmates Cheat: Psychic Tarot Reading Insights plus Examples

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You? Tarot Reading and Psychic Interpretation on if and how

Do soulmates cheat? Tarot Reading shows if yes or no and what to do about it

The question of whether soulmates can cheat on you or not cannot be answered unequivocally with the tarot.


By Arthur de Angelis.

Reads 4 Minutes

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This is an individual question and is different in every relationship. The reason for this is the many karmic interconnections that make a definite answer impossible.


Psychic Arthur de Angelis has drawn 3 cards to give you an overview of the most important questions and the answer of the Tarot. 

Why did your Soul Mate get lost and cheated on you?

If you draw the Seven of Swords, it could represent that he or she felt stuck or restricted, causing him or her to make cheating decisions.


Relationships can get suffocating or repetitive, and this card points to a desire for a way out, even if it is reached through dishonest means.


Is there an aspect of your relationship where they have felt limited or not heard?

When did the change in their feelings begin? Do Soulmates cheat on each other?

The emergence of the tower card reflects a sudden and unexpected change in their feelings or circumstances. It could have been a particular incident or realization that shook the foundation of their relationship with you.


Can you name a phase or event in your relationship that felt exceptionally disruptive or challenging?


It could be that there was an occasion when you too considered cheating on your soulmate. So yes, soulmates can also cheat on each other.


But there is always a way back to the harmony of the relationship. Forgiveness is the first priority here. Tarot also shows this very clearly. 

What can you do to restore trust or bring clarity after your have been cheated by your Soulmate?

The Temperance card offers a powerful message of balance, healing, and reconciliation. It emphasizes the need for patience, understanding, and bringing opposing forces together to create harmony.


Once you understand the reasons and when to act, are you ready to debate and find a middle ground, or is the obvious next step for you to seek personal peace and clarity?


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Why Forgiveness Matters After Soulmate Cheating: Wisdom from the Tarot for a Good Relationship Life

For yourself: Being angry and disappointed will eat you up inside. When you forgive, you feel easier and more free again.


New start: if you two want to keep being together, forgiving can help you make a new start.


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Learning and growing: Forgiving allows you to identify what you really do and don't want in a relationship.


Better way of dealing in the future: if you accept forgiveness, you will be better able to deal with future conflicts.


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What can you do after your soulmate has betrayed and cheated on you?

Talk: Talk to your soulmate about how you feel and what you need to move on.

Take time for yourself: Do stuff that makes you feel good and helps you think clearly.


Consider counseling or asking for a private reading with a psychic tarot reader: Sometimes it can help to talk to a therapist or counselor. There are also plenty of support groups and books on this topic.


Remember that forgiving needs time and it's okay to look for support if you need it.




Do Soulmates cheat? 


Most probably yes.


Is it the end of the world when your Soulmate cheated on you?


Definitly no. Go on and try to forgive and accept apologies.


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