Soulmate Psychic Reading

This is the dream: meeting your other half and spending the rest of your days together in love.


Our Soulmate Psychic Readings are great for this particular mystic topic, as this is such a life-changing event and will, of course, affect your destiny’s trajectory. 


Thus we have the specialist forecasts here and your mini interpretation of your card will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for.


So, a Soulmate Reading is a symbolic reference to your future lover, or possibly even to the man in your life at this particular moment.


Now for this quick-reading about your soulmate, try to prepare yourself a little in advance by being one hundred percent focused on this mystic tarot card image.

You, as the ‘querent’, will be represented by the female on your left.

psychic Reading of your mystic Soulmate Card

We can immediately see here that these two are in love. ‘You’ are so relaxed with this person that your pose shows you are actually lying down on the floor together. 

You will meet - or have already met - someone who you can feel natural and casual with. You don’t need to dress up and have false pretensions around one another. 

This online Soulmate Reading reveals a mystic connection

He makes you in touch with your inner child as the two of you lie and gaze into each other’s eyes.


This is where you will truly find yourself, no need for a posh hotel-suite or fancy gowns and tuxedoes, at least, not yet.


Your Mr Right is also like you: he feels so comfortable in your company that he can stretch out and be truly at home in his ripped jeans and sporty gear.


If you look closely, you will see that his top’s zip is undone, he is exposing his whole self and especially his heart to you and your care.


His body language tells you that he is vulnerable and you must treat him kindly and realize that his love is a rare and precious gift which needs to be handled always with respect and very tenderly.

For to coin the great W. B. Yeats, ‘Walk softly because you tread on my dreams’. 


The positioning of your bodies in relation to one another means that the only place you almost touch is your heads. This is significant for this Soulmate Psychic Readings.


It suggests that your connection is based more on a meeting of the minds than a purely physical attraction based on satisfying bodily demands.


That is as it should be when hoping to spend the rest of one’s life with someone and commit to them body, heart and soul.

This basis, one of ‘the marriage of two minds’ (William Shakespeare), is the perfect foundation for a serious union with fixed longevity and deep roots. 


So you will meet, or have met already, a man that makes you feel absolutely comfortable in your casual attire, or without makeup, even, because in his eyes you see right down into one another’s souls.

Note how one of your hands mirrors his own, relaxed and positioned over the central core of your bodies.

This mystic Soulmate Psychic Readings are indicating the importance of the two chakra areas

The root (Muladhara) and the sacral (Swadhishthana).


This interestingly refers to the sacral point for creativity as well as the root chakra’s reference to basic trust. What an excellent base for a satisfying relationship. 


Thus, this short Psychic Soulmate Reading has predicted your ideal mate and the elements which help you to recognize this partner when he is presented to you.


One last thing to note, as it is ‘your ‘hand touching him, whilst his two are resting on his midriff, it seems highly likely that you will approach him.

This is the way of modern woman so feel emboldened and carpe diem.

You're doing the right thing by looking into your Soulmate Tarot Spread. In an accurate Soulmate Psychic Reading online you will get insights into the karmic connections that may exist.